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Hello from Suzann & Wayne Anderson!

If you recently stayed with us, we hope you had an outstanding visit, and we hope you’re willing to add a 5 star rating for us on Trip Advisor!

If you did not enjoy your stay, **please** contact us and let us know how we can improve!

By creating a Rating on Trip Advisor, you’ll help us get noticed!

Here are the steps:

1) First click this link – and a new Window will open to Trip Advisor, and you should see a listing for Bellamy Manor and Gardens.

2) In the box on the right, click the “Rating” tab (next to the Details and Map tab). Under the Rating tab, you’ll see a link for “Write a review” – click that link!

3) Select a Rating (we hope it’s Excellent/5 Star!), write your Review and Save it – it’s that simple!

Thank you for your support!!

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